7/26(Sun): Walking tour with Japanese! Lets go walk around Tokyo Haneda area!
This time we will go walk around Ootorii, Anamori Inari Shrine and go see Haneda Festival.

Haneda Festival is one of the biggest festivals in Tokyo.
Over 3,000 people are carrying “Mikoshi” and more than 30,000 people are gathering to see and enjoy the festival.
“Mikoshi” is often translated as portable shrine, groups of people are walking down the street carrying huge portable shrines on their shoulders.
Haneda Festival is famous for their unique way of carrying the Mikoshi.
They have very dinamic move and you’ll be amazed for sure!

There are more to watch and learn, you sure will enjoy the walking!

The purpose of this walking event is to exchange history and culture,
Japanese history/culture and your country’s history/culture in English.
We look forward to your active participation!
Feel free to bring your friends!

Meeting point: Shinjuku station
Date: Sunday, July 26th at 15:00-19:00
Transportation: Train (You must pay any commuting expenses yourself)
Participation Cost: 300yen
We will give you more detailed information after your application.

If you bond with someone you meet new, you can hang out after the tour.
Those interested in participating, please apply from below.




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